About Us

Take Off Educational Consultants has been counseling and assisting students to study at Australia, UK, USA, Canada, France and other Countries since 1999.

Take Off Educational Consultants has trained counselors who have got experience and expertise to assist students. All our Associates provide students with...

  • Free counseling and information on various courses and institutions - guidance is provided as to which courses and institutes students should apply to as per their previous qualification, career goals and interest.
  • Admission Application Assistance
  • Visa Guidance and assistance with Visa Procedure, including preparation for visa interviews
  • Travel and Accommodation arrangement
  • Pre-departure Orientation
  • Procuring Residential Facilities with Indians for students going abroad

20 Years Of Experience

Today, international education is more important than ever. This fact is not only reflected in the change in curricula worldwide and the increased number of students studying abroad, but also in the mobility of academic staff and the collaboration in scientific research that exists across national frontiers. With rapid developments, educational counseling is playing and will continue to play a significant role in a country like ours where there is surplus young manpower and dearth of opportunities and direction.

The exciting prospect of studying abroad offers an exceptional chance for personal growth. Take Off Educational Consultants have been guiding students and their families through every step of the decision-making process, from the first consideration to the experience itself. As Mr. Rahul Gandhi States emphatically...

" We act as a student's guide, interpreter and facilitator for the entire university selection, application and visa process. Hence, we provide the students and their families' personalised and comprehensive assistance in their investment in intellectual, non tangible asset - Education."

Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Background and Profile

Mr. Rahul Gandhi was working as a full-time professor with the Gujarat University. He completed his Masters in Business Finance and Accountancy from Sydney, Australia. He has also been a Visiting Faculty in France to teach International Accounting. He got his first experience of counseling during his student life in Australia. Working with the International Office at University of Technology Sydney he gained insight into the complexity of counseling students and guiding them in the right direction. His unique knowledge of international systems of education and their conviction that students should be given full information on degree possibilities before embarking on their studies, led him to set up their counseling service.


The focus of their services is to provide the right guidance and identify the best course and university fit for the students considering his previous qualifications, career goals and his interest. According to him, his aim...

" is not to export humans from India, but to help the students choose the right course in terms of their previous qualifications, their family background, their financial status, interests, aspirations and future plans. The student’s education should be advantageous to him in his career in the future. He is committed to ensuring that students receive a worthwhile, productive and high quality experience abroad. "

Activity Focus

Take Off Educational Consultants prides itself on extensive first-hand knowledge and experience of all the universities that he deals with around the globe. He spends a sizeable amount of his time on the road, meeting with admission officers, touring campuses and exploring the campus environment. His personal insight provides the student a much deeper understanding of a college than a brochure or website could convey. He States...

" Only when I am confident with the learning environment, I recommend the university to a student. It is my faith that the decision to study abroad is not only a matter of finance for a student and his family, but also of his career which will have long lasting repercussions in their lives. "

Nowadays students in India are more cautious about the quality of education and have increasing willingness to study abroad. Hence, it is imperative to provide such ambitious students with useful yet genuine information. The services offered range from matters involving applications, intricacies of visas and test preparation, arranging for financial aid, coordinating arrival pickup and accommodation in the country of destination. All these services are provided at no charge at all. They also provide in-house competent facilities like training for tests of IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE and SAT. Language courses for French and German are also available.

Take Off Education have their Associates in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Baroda and Rajkot. The team includes well-qualified and experienced people from all walks of life.

The strong student-centered approach to counseling means that he gives students the fullest possible information on all available options enabling them to make sensible decisions. Take Off Education represents a number of prestigious universities in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland and South Africa. Over the years more than 500 students per year have been recruited by them to various universities of the Countries mentioned earlier. The rational in his work philosophy comes from the words of Senator J. William Fulbright...

" Educational exchange can turn nations into people, contributing as no other form of communication to the humanising of International Relation. "